10-29-2014 Workout Log

This was the second to last workout of the Clear Muscle Challenge.  The workout was intense, but I do feel my body has already adapted and out grown this style of training.  I can not wait to start my new routine next week. Squats 135 x 8, 2 sets 180

10-27-2014 Workout Log

Today kicks off the last week of the Clear Muscle Challenge. I was suppose to do more exercises today, but because of time restrictions, I will have to add the remainder of the workout to Wednesday routine. Squat 135 x 8 185 x 6 225 x 3 270 x 3,

10-23-2014 Workout Log

Tonight’s workout started slow as I was trying to get into the zone and focus on training.  But I still managed to get through my workout with the weight I had planned. Bench 135 x 8 185 x 6 225 x 5 255 x 2 245 x 3 250 x

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is often the most neglected part of building a physique or whatever your fitness goal may be.  Most articles online focus on workout routines and nutrition.  Muscle is not built in the gym, it is broken down.  Sleep allows your body to repair itself to be bigger and stronger.